Vintage Table Set
Dinner Tasting Menus

What to try the unexpected?Book a table  Pear&Olive our chefs tasting menu or our plat du jour on weekends.  This gastro pub is simply delicious (Or so we are told by the many rave reviews) 


The Michelin rated chef from France and California specialises in farm to table, locating and sourcing the best ingredience available,  menus change frequently as the chef is always on the hunt for the best...... its why what's on your plate will definitely get you talking! 


Give yourself a treat and book a table! 

Our cafe, offers casual cuisine in the garden and is perfect for a small bit whilst enjoying the garden terraces.

check the website for hours and menus to make a reservation

Events & Parties

We have had quite a few weddings here and not to boast, but people are still talking about it, long after the party is over!  


Our cozy, quaint  intimate vibes spread through all we do and we love a well dressed table!.


 Utilise the whole property for your next wedding, Birthday, Proposal, Baby shower, bash or Hen Party.

Whatever your style we know how to throw a party and get everyone having the time of their lives. 

Reach out and plan your next event at The Pear Tree!


We love a good party!


In fact around here its what we live for. The pop of a champagne bottle, the smile and laughter, the oohs and ahhh of people dinning on amazing food, and most importantly bringing people together -cause that  what life all about, creating cherished memories.


Weather your interested in a small sized dinner, party, or a larger event, let us know and we  promise to create something extraordinary just for your!

Wheather you want to be hands on or hands off, we know just what to do to make your event a hit! 


Parties of all shapes and sizes and budgets available. Don't be shy give us a call, or send us an email. we got this!